Labour refers Suella Braverman to financial watchdog

Labour’s Shadow City Minister, Tulip Siddiq MP, has written to the Chief Executive of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Nikhil Rathi, asking that the FCA investigates Suella Braverman for potentially breaking insider trading laws by deliberately leaking sensitive government information using her personal e-mail address. In her letter Siddiq says: “…there are increasingly concerning suggestionsContinue reading “Labour refers Suella Braverman to financial watchdog”

Suella Braverman’s non-denial denial on leaking market-sensitive information

Suelle Braverman parsed her words carefully in her letter to the Home Office Select Committee about leaking information about a new policy of proposed “growth visas”. I have written here about how the leak, if it contained market-sensitive information, could have breached market abuse legislation. In her letter, Braverman said: “It did not contain detailsContinue reading “Suella Braverman’s non-denial denial on leaking market-sensitive information”