Memories and lessons from 9/11

I don’t talk about this much but have been encouraged by others posting on social media to share my experience of 9/11, which like for many others resonates with me to this day.

I had flown into JFK the evening before, tagging along with my father on a work trip to UNICEF headquarters in New York. The experience of being in Manhattan on 9/11 was both terrifying and surreal. I have included a couple of photos I took on the day. One is of the scene looking down into southern Manhattan towards ground zero and the other shows of chalk writing and drawing on the Maine Monument fountain at the foot of Central Park.

The photos represent the abiding lessons that I have taken from 9/11. Firstly, that the world is more interconnected and interdependent than ever. We live in a global society where something or someone on one side of the world can, for good or ill, have a profound effect on the other side of the world. Secondly, while the human race has a great capacity for hate and cruelty, it has an even greater capacity for love, caring, enlightenment and generosity. So, bedsides the horror of the day, that is what I will most remember from 9/11.

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