Building a better, more open and diverse Society of Labour Lawyers

Photo by LOGAN WEAVER on Unsplash

The Society of Labour Lawyers (SLL) has a great history of supporting the Labour Party to advance our shared wish for more just society in every sense, whether in the justice system, by protecting civil liberties or promoting human rights (including economic and social rights). SLL has an important role to play in helping the Labour Party develop legislative proposals that, with a Labour government, can radically change lives and Britain for the better.

I believe that SLL could do even more to best fulfill its role and operate closer to our shared Labour values. The SLL Annual General Meeting will be taking place on Monday 6 December 2021. It is an opportunity for members of SLL to meet and reflect on our future direction.

I strongly believe that SLL’s future should be based on a clear set of principles and will be working with others who share this view to support motions and candidates for the Executive Committee who share these principles:

  • SLL should be focussed on practical outcomes that best support and promote the Labour Party
  • SLL should be run as effectively as possible
  • SLL should have a culture of collaboration aimed at getting things done
  • SLL should empower and support members to participate in SLL and lead projects and initiatives
  • SLL should be run as transparently as possible and with a culture that welcomes discussion, open mind thinking and accountability
  • SLL should be inclusive to all members and welcome new members enthusiastically
  • There should be clear and transparent procedures for the authorisation of spending by SLL
  • Membership rates (the full rate is currently £50/year) should be as low as possible consisent with ensuring we have sufficient resources to achieve our aims
  • Appointments within SLL should be made using transparent and fair processes
  • The Officers, Executive Committee and Group chairs of SLL should be gender-balanced and reflect the diversity of Britain
  • SLL should ensure as far as possible that members are safeguarded when engaging in SLL activities
  • The Officers, Executive Committee, Group Chairs and all members SLL should be expected to maintain high and professional levels of conduct

If you are a member of SLL, agree with the principles above and would like to help make SLL even better please get in touch with me at

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