Re-standing for the Open Labour National Committee

Being a member of the Open Labour National Committee for the last year has been hugely fulfilling. I have greatly enjoyed working with the brilliant Open Labour and National Committee members.  Over the last year, I am proud that Open Labour has promoted transformative, Left, politics and shown that this can be done in anContinue reading “Re-standing for the Open Labour National Committee”

My pledges supporting free movement and migrants’ rights

The Labour Campaign for Free Movement contacted me to ask me to support their candidates’ pledges in support of free movement and migrants’ rights. I am a strong supporter for free movement and migrants rights. I am grateful for the work that the Labour Campaign for Free Movement has been doing to move Labour toContinue reading “My pledges supporting free movement and migrants’ rights”

Dominic Cummings broke the law and took Covid-19 into the heart of government

The media have not given it much coverage, but besides his trips to Durham and Barnard Castle, Dominic Cummings breached the lockdown rules by returning to No.10 Downing Street on 27 March when he should have been self-isolating. This was a breach of the lockdown regulations and brought Covid-19 into the heart of government, puttingContinue reading “Dominic Cummings broke the law and took Covid-19 into the heart of government”

My statement for the Open Labour elections

Open Labour has made a huge contribution to Labour and I want to help us do even more. Open Labour should lead the argument that the Covid-19 response should put people’s wellbeing first before business. Covid-19 is disproportionately impacting BAME people and, as Open Labour London BAME Officer, I have been leading work on thisContinue reading “My statement for the Open Labour elections”

Is there a Metropolitan Police investigation into Dominic Cummings?

Durham Constabulary issued a statement on Thursday that they would not be taking any enforcement action regarding Dominic Cummings trip to Durham on 27 March or his trio to Barnard Castle on 12 April. There has been no similar statement from the Metropolitan Police, despite the fact that Cummings breached the locakdown rules by returningContinue reading “Is there a Metropolitan Police investigation into Dominic Cummings?”

Putting people first and building back better

Coronavirus has extracted a heavy toll. Instead of the Tory approach to dealing with it, we need to put people first. People’s health, the vulnerable, the elderly and school children should come before business and the economy. Economic considerations should be taken into account to the extent that they impact wellbeing, but they should notContinue reading “Putting people first and building back better”

Why it is now clear that Dominic Cummings should resign

When the reports first emerged of Dominic Cummings’ trip to Durham, my initial reaction was, despite my dislike for Cummings’ politics, to be sympathetic to him. He was after all a father trying to do the best thing for his family, with an ill wife and huge pressure from dealing with the Covid-19 crisis. IContinue reading “Why it is now clear that Dominic Cummings should resign”